New Nan on the Block

New Nan on the Block

What could be better than a hand-knitted blankie for your baby to use and cherish forever? Having a rocking tee made by your friendly neighbourhood biker Nan of course! 

Fresh Soul Baby has been trying to fill a gap in the market saturated with pink butterflies and blue cars on almost everything and so far has been quite successful (if we humbly say ourselves). Having artists from around the world designing epic outfits so you and your baby don't have to be forced to fit the status quo, and now Nanna doesn't need to fit the image either.

And so we are so fucken proud to announce that we are making the switch to having our products handmade in New Zealand by a sweet old biker Granny. She is so excited to be along for the ride of creating your bubs garments, each garment will be made with love and we hope you will love her too.

Nanna no longer will be a quiet old lady with her feet up and knitting away while sipping on tea, our Granny has refused to replace her leather jacket with a cardigan and wants to help the newest generation keep Rock ‘n Roll alive.

Alongside our new kiwi granny and our existing kiwi owners; we also will be sourcing all of our materials from right here in Aotearoa. Now your badass baby can take a little bit of New Zealand with them, wherever they go.

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